You Wont Believe These New York City Laws Exist – Blogging Information

There are many things that can make W seem difficult. We need legal counsel to navigate this treacherous sea. Although many laws are perfect sense, there are laws that have been accumulating over the years. Every state is likely to have hundreds of laws. Many of which we don’t even know that exist. The laws may be in place for decades, however, they might not be in use anymore. The video below will highlight some unusual and antiquated law that is present throughout New York City.

You can’t carry the ice cream cone around inside your bag. This rule must be supported by an explanation. Actually, many of these laws leave you to question why they’re there in the first place. A third law states that puppet shows cannot be performed through windows. Honestly, who knows why currently. The prohibition against flirting is in elevators. It may even be possible to be fined for both speaking in the elevator and having a flirt at the same. The good news is that there aren’t any police who follow these peculiar and outdated laws. Actually, a lot are likely to not even have any idea that laws exist.