Would You Consider a New Job Opportunity?

Hr executive search firms

After 27 years working for the same IT company, you had finally decided that this was the place you would retire from. In spite of the fact that the computer programming company that started as a small staff of just over 75 employees has now grown to a banking and payment solutions company that employs close to 2,00, you still like your job most days. You miss the small feel of the IT environment that attracted you in the first place, but after three unsuccessful small job searches in the last 15 years, you told yourself you could be satisfied where you were at. And then, when you weren’t looking, executive search consultants found you and you now have the dream job you did not realize you were looking for.
Human resources consulting firms and executive search consultants believe the best way to find the ideal job is to have the job come looking for you. When you put yourself on the market, advertising the fact that you are not completely satisfied, things do not always fall into place. When, however, you are working at what you do best, it is not surprising that good things in the form of the next job opportunity will come to you. Human resources executive recruiters pride themselves on finding the best candidates, whether or no those candidates are currently seeking a job change.
Statistics show that even people who are showing up every day to their jobs are open to other possibilities. In fact, nearly 53% of currently employed workers would consider a new career opportunity, even if they were not already looking, according to a survey by Jobvite. More specifically, this translates into some of the nearly 3 million people who voluntarily left their jobs by the end of June 2015. This statistic shows a 25% increase from a similar study in 2013. A talent acquisition management service, in fact, finds most of its very best job recruits in successful employment spots.
Executive search consultants help businesses find success in their people and talent searches, as well as consultation in the policies and initiatives that will keep the best staff members at their jobs. Sometimes these searches and employee satisfaction solutions come from the best executive search consultants ability to find the unlikely employee with the perfect skill match. McKinsey?s Research indicates, for example, that companies with greater gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform their peer companies. Furthermore, companies with a greater ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to outperform those same less diverse peer companies.

The most successful companies find and keep the best employees. Sometimes this search and retention process goes more smoothly when a company works with the best talent acquisition team.