Wire Rope Slings

Lifting gear

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 400,000 crane operators are working in the U.S. Their safety is important so wire rope slings are used in their type of work. Wire rope slings are used to lift large heavy objects safely. Cranes have been in existence for a long time. In fat, during the Industrial Revolution steam powered cranes were in vogue. Man has had to devise ways to lift and move heavy objects since antiquity. Crude cranes were invented long ago and man used to even use donkeys to power cranes.

Fast forward to modern times and now we are more safety conscious. Fall protection training is provided for crane operators and such. Anyone that works where they use wire rope slings should have gone through a fall protection program and learned about chain slings, web slings, wire rope slings and other types of lifting slings that are available today. Rigging safety training is another area where you will learn about wire rope slings.

Web slings are very popular today. They have a wide bearing surface and they are lightweight and flexible. You an be reasonable assured that the load is protected with this kind of sling. Find out more about wire rope slings and other types of slings by searching the the material handling industry online.