Why Your Medical Company Should Use Custom Packaging

Plastic syringe

In a world where over 80% of American adults take a daily medication (and almost a third take more than 2 a day), there is an increased need for companies to package medicine in a way that is helpful and safe for buyers. With a variety of packaging options available on the market, outsourcing your products’ packaging to a company that manufactures plastic containers can be a smart solution for you and your customers.

Safer for children

Did you know that everyday, there are over 1,100 emergency calls about children who have gotten into medicine by accident? Custom product packaging with child resistant features can cut down on the number of children getting their hands on medication they are not supposed to.

Encourages proper use of medication

8% of people pour too little medicine whereas 12% pour too much. By using a custom packaging company that manufactures plastic containers, you can include extras like a specific dosage cup to ensure your customers are ingesting the right amount of medication.

Environmentally friendly

One of the upsides to custom packaging is that you can use recycled materials, particularly if you are using PET plastic (labeled with a #1 code) which can be made 100% of recycled plastic. This can simultaneously save you costs while minimizing waste.

The benefits to using custom packaging for your medication and other medical products extend far beyond this list. You are able to customize the packaging to fit your exact needs and tailor it to what works best for you. It’s unique yet functional. By hiring an outside company that manufactures plastic containers, you are guaranteed a final product that is user friendly, safe and all around a great buy for your customers!