Why You Need to Combine SEO and Search

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You can’t have SEO without social media, and you cannot have a solid social media marketing strategy without using some SEO. Despite the popular belief that the two marketing strategies are at odds with each other, many marketers suggest that they actually go hand-in-hand. “Nearly 70% of effective SEO effectively involve social media in one or more ways,” Search Engine Journal reveals.

How is Social Media Changing Search?

  • Personalized Searches

    First and foremost, Google is able to offer users personalized search results. Google often uses likes and other information on social media pages to determine these preferences. “Personal results dish up all the general content that correlates with your search, but will also show ‘pages, photos, and Google+ posts from your friends,’ according to Google’s explanation,” Search Engine Journal explains.

    Furthermore, “Personalized results have a huge impact for real life. If you search for a lawn care company, you’re likely to return top-ranked results that your friends have +1ed. If you look for pictures of horses and your friend has photos of her appaloosa on her Google+ account, that’s what will top the list of pictures.”

    Web marketing search engine optimization, therefore, is no longer wholly dependent on natural search. Social media does impact search results, and — for that reason — SEO strategists cannot rely on natural search engine optimization alone. Search engine marketing strategies must also carefully consider the impact of social media on personalized searches.

  • Social Media Sharing

    A 2012 social media study reveals that consumers spend at least 18% of internet time browsing social media. Internet users are increasingly likely to find articles through friends on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Many internet goers are also perusing companies’ Facebook profiles, sometimes even before searching for businesses on Google. Social media is not replacing search altogether, but it is certainly something to carefully utilize and track, in addition to search engine marketing tools.

Search engine optimizers can no longer ignore the importance and prevalence of social media. Web marketing search engine optimization continues to seamlessly incorporate more and more social media. Get more info here.