Why You Need a Pipe Drape Set

What’s one of the best ways to capture someone’s attention? A pipe drape set. It’s amazing what a few pieces of metal piping and a drape can do. But do you need one?

The Stage of Theater

Go to any trade shows, weddings, church events, theater, or beauty show and guess what you’ll find? A pipe drape set. It’s a wonderful way of creating a temporary space to enact your purpose. What to cut off an area for actors to change? Close off an open studio with heavy theater curtains. Not only is it quick to set up and easy to use, actors can walk in and out as quickly as possible. But that’s not all it can help with.

Trade Shows and College Events

Pipe drape sets are perfect for trade shows, and when 99% of marketers find unique value at trade shows than other events, you want people checking out your drapes. This is just as true in the case of college events at high schools or job fairs. You can customize the drapes for logos, add different fabrics, create different scenery.

The Pieces of a Pipe Drape Set

Calling each piece of a pipe drape set a “pipe” is not the proper term. Yes, technically they are, but it also leads to confusion. Believe it or not, each “pipe” has its own name. There’s a number of terms you should familiarize yourself with if you plan on purchasing and using a pipe drape set.

b/Drape:b/This is the most essential piece, considering it’s what will draw peoples’ attentions. There exists a plethora of colors and fabrics, each one best suited for different occasions such as white drapes for a wedding, theater, even trade show exhibits.

b/Crossbar:b/The crossbar is meant for supporting across two sections of the pipe drape set. Usually the drape would be handled by the crossbar.

b/Upright:b/If the name itself didn’t give it away, upright bars are, essentially, the “legs” of the pipe drape. These typically hold the set upright.

b/Base:b/The base and the upright work in-tandem, with the base being your pipe drape’s foundation. It’s often heavier and gets heavy based on your needs.

b/Rubber base weights:b/If you want to increase the strength of your foundation, you can add rubber weights to the base. And it’s especially helpful when your drapes are heavier and or your base set is tall.

b/Accessories:b/Believe it or not, pipe sets can come with various accessories that add a bit of flare to your display, like valance headers or adding more layers.

Options Are Numerous

Pipe drape sets come in all manner of shapes and sizes, even adjustable pipe and drape kits. It’s the sheer number of uses and options that make it practically a necessity for any kind of formal and informal event, whether it be a wedding to something as small as a photo shoot.

And it can be quite the savior on your budget, which is one of the biggest challenges 39% event planners have to deal with. Having a pipe drape set to create a space can save you a few dollars at the store, especially during a wedding too.

Imagine you are looking at your wedding bill and seeing $35,000 and some change–which happens to be the average traditional American weddings are going these days. You would have thought twice before crossing off that wedding drapes wholesale.