Why To Chose Duralar Instead Of Hard Chrome

Metal coatings

If you’re trying to decide whether you should go with hard chrome or duralar for your metal instruments, the answer is duralar. Always. The reason is that duralar far exceeds hard chrome in it’s longevity and in its resistances. If you need more convincing, look no further. Here are four reasons why you should consider replacing hard chrome with duralar.

  1. A Harder Substance
    First off, duralar is a harder substance to break. That’s because duralar is actually a nanocomposite of diamond and metal. This makes duralar an entirely new class of hard coatings. Meanwhile, hard chrome plating has a limited hardness to it. Not only will that make it harder for you to do the job, but it also adds to other issues.
  2. Great Resistance
    One of those issues is that it can cause a lower rate of resistance to corrosion. Corrosion is the destruction of the metal due to atoms within that metal being exposed to moisture or corrosive chemicals. This then makes it so that electrons are lost. By replacing hard chrome with durala you are placing a new substance that can in fact protect from corrosion due to having multiple layers that are built for that very purpose in mind.
  3. It’s Faster Too
    In addition to that, durala can be faster. That’s right, even though there are so many layers to it, the production of durala is still faster than hard chrome. This is because the creation of durala does not need to go through pre-processing. Duralar is able to create much thicker coatings in a faster process than hard chrome ever could.
  4. An Even Coat
    Lastly, durala also trumps harder chrome in that it can have an even coat while hard chrome often is not so lucky. In fact, it’s even built into the production of hard chrome. Specifically, hard chrome has electroplating which make the metal coating thicker on its edges and thinner on recessed areas. This leads to an additional step to get the correction dimensions and measurements. Thus, the timing extends and exceeds. If you switch to durala you won’t have this problem.

You deserve the best for yourself, your business, your products, and your customers. As such, you should be using the equipment, tools, and techniques that will get you quality and quantity. If you’re deciding between hard chrome and durala, durala is the best bet.