Why the US Micro Screw is the Leading Manufacturer of Micro Screws and Custom Fasteners

With the increasing need for small screws and bolts, the industry has significantly expanded. Recent statistics indicate that the revenue of bolt, nut, and screw manufacturing in the United States reached $30 billion in 2017. Significant expansion in the electronics industry where micro screws are major components has significantly contributed to this growth.

At the same time, opportunistic companies have started manufacturing micro screws in a bid to leverage on the ever-increasing demand. Therefore, you need to be aware of the company where you are ordering your captive fasteners to avoid low-quality products. This article discusses why you need to buy your micro screws from the US Micro Screw.

1. Highest Level Quality

Micro screws are sensitive products that are used to fasten important devices such as mobile phones, watches, and other electronics. Therefore, they should be of high quality to avoid any negative impacts on the products. The US Micro Screw provides captive fasteners and screws of the highest level quality. All the products sold by the company have met all the industrial and certification needs, which mean that customers are guaranteed safety and quality products.

2. High Quality Materials

The fasteners sold by the US Micro Screw will not be of high quality if the materials used by the company in the manufacture of these products are not of high quality. To produce a stainless steel screw, the company needs to have stainless steel material at its disposal. It is also necessary to have important materials such as nickel, zinc, and titanium that help in producing high quality products. If you want to buy micro screws from trusted manufacturers, consider the US Micro Screw because they use high quality materials.

3. Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Manufacturing techniques determine the quality and types of products produced by a company. Most of the companies that are still fixated to the traditional manufacturing strategies are producing low-quality products. However, companies that have incorporated innovative technology in their production processes are producing high quality products. The US Micro Screw is one of the companies using advanced manufacturing techniques in the manufacture of miniature screws. Therefore, you can be sure that the company is producing micro screws of the highest quality possible.

4. Custom Options

Custom micro screws are very hard to come by. They are only manufactured through direct requests and orders by demanding customers. Producing custom micro screws is not the primary business of most manufacturing companies, which forces them to demand premium prices. However, the US Micro Screw has been in this industry for many years producing custom micro screws. Customers can easily get custom fasteners without paying beyond their limits. For customers with custom products, ordering custom fasteners and screws has been made easier.

5. Low Minimum Order Quantities

Most of the manufacturing companies have a very high ceiling on what micro screws that customers can order from a company. The high minimum order quantity discourages thousands of customers and forces them to buy through retail outlets. However, the US Micro Screw has a very low minimum order quantity. Customers can order as little as 1,000 fasteners, which is not a common occurrence in other fastener and screw manufacturing companies. Customers are ordering large quantities of access discounts and other after-sale services.

6. Quick Delivery Time

It is common knowledge that customers have to wait for several months before they can receive their orders from various screw and fastener manufacturing companies. This is a time consuming and agonizing period that no customer wants to experience. However, the US Micro Screw has one of the shortest order manufacture and delivery period. Customers can easily get their orders within four to eight weeks, which is the shortest in the industry.

Are you looking for custom micro screws and high quality fasteners? The US Micro Screw is the leading manufacturer and supplier of undersized screws and custom fasteners. You will get your order processed and delivered in few weeks while at the same time accessing discounts and after-sale services. For more information, contact us at www.custom-fasteners.com or www.minicncparts.com.