Why Someone May Want a Private Aircraft Charter

Many modes of transport exist in the world today, ranging from taxis and buses to trains and aircraft, and for many business professionals and those going on a vacation in private, a bus is too slow or a train cannot go to the right place, which leaves an executive jet or a private aircraft charter as the best option. Ever since 1903, human beings have taken to the skies, and now more than ever, many people can and do get an executive private jet to ride in, or find a private aircraft charter for their next vacation or business trip. A private aircraft charter is much more price-efficient for someone who cannot afford to simply buy their own jet, and for those who do own a jet, lending a private aircraft charter is a fine way to help cover the costs of that vehicle. How many Americans fly today, and why? And someone looking to buy the best private jet may need to follow some general strategies.

Who Flies, and Why?

Aircraft such as a private jet offer some advantages that land-based transport cannot provide, and often, a person will get a private aircraft charter with these advantages in mind. For one thing, jets can go where some modes of transport cannot, due to terrain. Mountains or seas may block ground transport, but not an aircraft, which is limited only by its fuel capacity. A business professional could fly from Seattle to Anchorage and avoid tough terrain down below, and a person could get a private aircraft charter from Tokyo to Hong King or Singapore. A bus certainly cannot cross an ocean or go over a mountain range, but this is no issue for a jet.

The privacy and comfortable interior of a jet also add to the appeal of a private aircraft charter. Inside such a jet, there will be only a few passengers, and this can be a real boon for traveling business professionals. In fact, based on a 2009 survey, most traveling business professionals are more productive on board a private jet than at the office, often up to 20% more productive, often because they are away from the distractions and stress of the actual workplace. This is similar to how many office employees today work at home and use the Internet such as Cloud storage and live video conferences to share files and talk to their co-workers or business partners. And with a total of 11,261 private jets registered across the United States in 2011, and how there are probably more now, there are plenty of private jets being flown and charters being offered for vacationers and traveling business professionals.

Getting a Jet

While some travelers will look for a private aircraft charter, those who can afford it may opt to instead buy their own jet, either new or used. There are perks in each route. A new jet will probably cost the most, but it will have all its warranties in place, and what is more, it will have completely modern standards of power, fuel efficiency, features and comfort, communication, and safety, and it can even act as a status symbol. There won’t be wear and tear, either. Meanwhile, a used jet may need some inspection first, but if a jet checks out, a used jet can be a serious bargain. A buyer for a used jet should check the flight logs and look over the craft in person for any wear and tear or maintenance issues, ranging from the paint job to the landing gear to the engines. A used jet won’t match modern power or comfort standards, but based on the model, it may come close enough. But buyers should be wary of used jets that were stored in humid conditions, as this can damage the jet somewhat.

Jet owners may also offer their aircraft for lease to customers during times of the year when they do not need it themselves, and while an actual profit is unlikely from this, the income from guests’ chartered flights can help cover maintenance, fuel, and staff salary costs, which can make this an attractive option, especially for a pricey new jet.