Why Signage Matters More Than Ever

Various types of signage exists in our world, and church marquee signage is one important component of it. After all, the Christian population in the United States is high and will continue to be high, if not even growing larger, for the foreseeable future (and maybe even past it, for that matter). Therefore, there are many churches of all denominations in this country, from Baptist to Catholic to Lutheran and beyond. Therefore, church marquee signs are many.

But what do these church marquee signs even do? Ideally, church marquee signs – perhaps even scrolling marquee signs – can inform the congregation of the worship times in place. Church marquee signage will also help to let people know of special church events. Finally, church marquee signs can even display inspirational material like important and topical lines of scripture. In this way, church marquee signage can reach out and have an impact to the larger community even outside the community of the congregation.

In addition to the typical church marquee signage, outdoor LED signs for schools and other such school marquee signs or school electronic signs are popularly used by schools for all ages, from the elementary school to the high school. After all, similar information will be displayed on said outdoor school signs, information such as class times, days of closure, and start up dates. Various important student functions are also likely likely to be displayed on the typical school sign board, from the school band concert to the volleyball games to the debate team tournaments. Even student achievements might be displayed on said outdoor signs for schools, no matter what type of signage is utilized.

Of course, signage for businesses is hugely important as well. After all, more than 30% of all customers going to any given brick and mortar location are only able to do so because they learned about the business in question from signage. At Best Buy alone, as much as 17% of the total population of walk in customers can be traced back to seeing and being drawn in by the signage. Therefore, things like billboards and LED signs for businesses are hugely important indeed.

Let’s take a look at the role that billboards alone can play, as billboards quite prominently feature in almost all of our lives, to say the very least. After all, a great many of us will even drive by billboards throughout the course of our daily commute, something that shows just how prevalent billboards really are. In fact, more than 70% of all people will pay attention to at least some billboards, with more than one third of all people paying attention to each and every one of them – or nearly so. And as up to 68% of all people will make at least some of their shopping decisions while in the car, it is clear to see that the impact of billboards can be impressive.

In fact, many people even learn about events from billboards. Up to 58% of all adults throughout the United States have even found an event that they were at least interested in attending by seeing a billboard for said event. And many people actually went on to attend said event, for that matter. In addition to this, the exact same percentage of adults also found a restaurant that they were interested in trying through looking at billboards as well. Therefore, it is clear to see that billboards can influence not just what we buy, but some of the fundamentals of how we experience life as well. Therefore, it is also clear to see that paying attention to many of the billboards that we pass by in day to day life can actually benefit us quite impressively.

At the end of the day, there are many things to consider when we talk about signage and how it is used in all parts of the United States. From church marquee signs to signs for businesses like billboards and various types of LED signage, it is clear to see that there is a good deal of variety to be looked into on this topic. Fortunately, such signage is hugely beneficial on a number of different fronts.