Why replacing your tumbling drum could be important every few years

With so many machines inside of your food production center it is difficult to keep track of every single one. With food crushers, vibratory screeners, and tumbler drums it can get confusing to know when your machines are up to date and being maintained. However, when this is your number one line of income it is important to keep track of all of these machines and when the last time they were checked, cleaned, and updated were. One of those important machines to be sure is current and working right is the tumbler drum. In order for your operations to run smooth make sure this machine is in tiptop shape.

What is the tumbler drum mixer?

The tumbler drum mixer is one of the heavy machinery parts within an industrial food production center. These drums spin and rotate the product over and over to make sure the product is well mixed. While these are used in industrial production centers for food, they can also be used for cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. These tumbling machines can rotate the products anywhere from 6 to 24 hours. They generally move from 28 to 32 RPM.

How long does a drum mixer last?

A tumbling drum can last for years if the machinery is well maintained and cared for. These machines should be carefully cleaned after every use to insure that they stay in tip top condition and that they can be used for years. If this is a machine that is constantly used be sure to have it inspected at least once a year for any problems that might be early to detect and easy to fix.

What sizes do Tumbling drums come in?

The most popular size for a tumbling drum is between (18” to 36”) in diameter and (18” to 42”) in length. It all depends on the size and weight of the items that are going inside of the tumbler.

If these machines are in your arsenal, be sure to take good care of them and to make sure they are maintained and kept up to shape so that your production is never halted due to a machine malfunctioning. Run your business the way that it needs to progress without the worry of problems arising. Be sure that your tumbler is in the right condition to keep on undertaking the big projects that it has always been good for an in charge of.