Why is Corrugated the Most Popular Type of Packaging?

Custom logo boxes

Packaging serves many important functions in the worlds of manufacturing, shipping, advertising and retail. Custom product packaging can meet the needs of manufacturers for sturdy packaging which will protect products from contamination and breakage in transit. For retailers, it can be used to produce quality displays that are attractive to customers and can influence their purchasing decisions.
For all kinds of customized packaging, corrugated is the ideal material. It is versatile, sturdy and recyclable. It can be used for points of purchase displays to appeal to customers, and to provide the information they need about the products.

Corrugated packaging is versatile
From industrial packaging to custom logo boxes, corrugated cardboard is versatile enough to be used for any purpose. Not only is it versatile, it is also cost effective. These characteristics have made corrugated the leading choice for custom product packaging for over a hundred years.
At the present time, it is the largest segment of the packaging industry, employing more than 70,000 people in the country. There are over 1,500 box plants across North America. The popularity of corrugated is due to the fact that it can serve many different purposes, from shipping cartons to pallet displays.

Corrugated retail packaging for attractive displays
Because of its versatility, corrugated packaging is used to deliver or display more than 90% of all products that are sold in North America. The displays could vary in size from countertop displays to pallet displays. They can be used with attractive and eye catching logos that will get the customer’s attention.
Even though people like to plan, budget and make shopping lists, the truth is that when they come across something that appeals to them, they will make a spur of the moment decision to buy it. Researchers have found that customers make as many as 70% of their purchasing decisions in the store itself.
The carton design can be a major factor in making the purchase. An article published recently in
Packaging Digest discussed research that shows that purchasing decisions by shoppers actually come down to five seconds at the retail shelf.

Corrugated can be recycled
Corrugated is also an ecofriendly material, because it can be made from recycled materials and be recycled after use. By 2012, 91% of all containerboard was being recovered and recycled. As much as 46% of new corrugated boxes and packages are recycled material. This reduces the impact on the environmental by reducing the production of greenhouse gases and acidification.
Thanks to new and improved packaging design and lighter liner board, corrugated cardboard now weighs 10% to 15% less than it did 10 years ago. Lighter packaging also helps to reduce transportation costs and fuel consumption.

Custom product packaging is versatile, sturdy and ecofriendly. All good reasons why it will continue as the leading industrial packaging material.