Why is Blister Packaging Popular for Consumers and Companies Alike?

Auto injector pharmaceutical packaging

Blister packaging design; why is it so popular among medical companies? As it turns out, there?s quite a few reasons. Let?s review.

Allows for More Control

Even though medication has instructions printed on the label, in actual usage people frequently take more or less than they are supposed to. Blister packaging can help to cut down on this issue because each pill is stored separately. The vinyl/aluminum packaging typical for this product also ensures that it is possible to even code pills when necessary so that consumers know exactly what to do, and when.

Allows for More Information

When medication comes in bottles, manufacturers are a bit limited in how much information they can impart on the consumer. There?s a very small amount of room after everything else is included. When it comes to blister packaging, though, the card shape design allows for pamphlets of information to be stored inside when necessary. This can mean additional instructions, or even room for coupons from the manufacturer if they want to encourage future purchases.

Useful for Clinical Packaging

Quality control is important in a clinical setting, but can be hard to maintain. If you?ve ever pulled a wad of cotton out of your pill bottle, this isn?t a mistake — the cotton is there to absorb any errant moisture that can affect the efficacy of the pills. The same goes for everything from sunlight to heat, and it can be hard to prevent exposure. Blister packaging more effectively keeps out outside elements, allowing pills to be good for a longer period of time.

This Medical Packaging Design is Easy for Elderly People

Child preventative caps are important, but can be very difficult for older people who may suffer from conditions like arthritis to open. A blister pack allows for easy access since all one needs to do is pop the aluminum and remove the pill. This is also an important part of medication management — elderly people often suffer from some form of dementia and may actually forget whether or not they?ve taken medication. This is a lot easier to keep track of when pills are in a packet rather than in a pill bottle. When it comes to packaging medical pills, blister packaging make a lot of sense.

Ensuring the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Numerous issues with keeping track of medication have been noted in the pharmaceutical industry; blister packs help keep better track of medication since it is harder to steal or substitute out. In other words, this medical packaging design helps deter potentially dangerous fraud and mistakes. Mistakes are uncommon, but do happen in pharmacies and they can be life changing, and potentially life threatening. Medical packaging designs that help to eliminate errors are valuable.