Why I Salute Those Working in Janitorial Services

Cleaning companies

Janitorial services are the real heroes. They do the job that no one else wants to do. In addition, they do the job that is most necessary. Often, we think of cleaning services as grunt work. But really, it’s work that has to get done, and is done by those who help others. We don’t think of the benefits that cleaning companies give to our daily lives, and perhaps we’re lucky that we don’t have to. That said, this article will share a bit of light on the subject.

First, there are germs everywhere. For instance, the work place is a place full of germs. A normal desk can have up to 10 million bacteria on it. A keyboard, mouse, and chair in a normal computer setup could even have 21,000 germs per square inch of its surfaces. Imagine using your office supplies daily and not having someone clean that up. Also, about 27% of workers eat breakfast at their desk and the number increases for lunch to a larger 62%. Since germs can be spread around through touch and taste, more than half of America’s workers are putting themselves at risk. That could cause major health issues down the line.

In addition, janitorial services provide workers who are willing to work graveyard shifts and odd hours. These workers will even work second or third shifts in order to avoid the major traffic hours in an office building. This is all to make the jobs of other workers easier.

Adding onto that idea is the fact that it might actually be more expensive not to hire janitorial services. This is because workplaces lose money when employees call in sick. Employers may be losing out on more than $225 million every year due to absent employees. With each employee costing $1,685 each year for calling out sick, it could be better to ensure a clean and healthy work environment.

This, of course, doesn’t apply only to adult workers, but to children as well. In fact, janitorial services may be even more important in school environments. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2002 found that at least 66and of schools had something unacceptable in regards to cleanliness. If schools were provided with more cleaning services, than these statistics could decrease. We want our children to learn in healthy environments, and janitorial services are the way to make that a reality.

Thank you, to those who work in janitorial services. You are working in a field that most shudder at. You clean our offices and our school rooms. You make our environments healthier and safer to be in. You are true heroes.