Why Didn’t These Pennsylvania Residents Receive Their County and Local Tax Bills?

Cheap mailers

Over the years, people have created and used many different methods to ensure that the letters and items they send in the mail arrive safely. For example, some use printable sticker labels to ensure that their address is clearly marked, while others rely on cheap bubble mailers, or padded envelopes that help cushion and protect their mail. In fact, this has become so common that it has become fairly normal for people to buy wholesale bubble mailers and laser labels; after all, many people use them constantly and buying wholesale can often mean that they will find cheaper prices for these items. Now, following a widespread incident in Pennsylvania, you may feel like joining in on this trend and heading out to buy a bunch of Kraft bubble mailers wholesale: several areas in the state reportedly lost their taxpayers’ bills.

At the end of February, the Danville borough Tax Collector, Lisa Strausser, reportedly mailed about 100 bills to area residents. But while she never received a notice that they were undeliverable or that the residents’ addresses had changed, the recipients never received their mail. Since then, Strausser has made and sent numerous copies of the documents, and has instructed residents to contact their tax collector if they never received a bill. Meanwhile, similar issues have been reported in the nearby Valley and Mahoning townships.

Residents of Montour County, which includes the affected towns, should have received their per capita tax bills. Additionally, property owners should have received a real estate bill, which includes fees for their town and the county. Strausser says she has contacted both the Danville and Harrisburg post offices, where the mail is sorted, to discuss the issue. However, representatives have said that identifying the problem would be difficult: the post office would need specific information, such as the ZIP codes and addresses of those affected, to attempt to track the missing mail.

As a result, Strausser has taken the matter to the Montour County commissioners. But while an unusually high number of people have complained that they never received their bills, which should have been delivered by the second week of March, the Danville Bourough Manager has stated that residents will still need to pay their bills by the deadline. The first discount period is April 30. However, she promised to make the Borough Council aware of the situation.

The commissioners have briefly discussed the problem and have considered extending the discount period deadline until the end of May. Unfortunately, this would need the approval of all of the municipalities involved, an unlikely prospect. In light of these continuing problems, perhaps residents in and out of Pennsylvania should consider buying Kraft bubble mailers wholesale. Purchasing Kraft bubble mailers wholesale might not be able to prevent mail from being lost, but it might offer a little more protection and some peace of mind.