Why Choose Double Side Fine Grinding Machines?

Double side fine grinding

Lapping machines, as you may know, are used to create a smooth and polished finished on several different products such as ceramics. The process involves two surfaces rubbed together with an abrasive surface between them. This can be accomplished by hand or with a lapping machine. Double side fine grinding machines are an example of the machines you can use to complete the lapping process.

Diamond lapping is a specific type that will provide polished finishing for projects that need edge-to-edge flatness. This is a high-end finish and more effective process than the traditional abrasives used. Using diamond lapping will eliminate the need for hand-polishing afterwards. The polishing is completed as part of the lapping process.

It can also reduce the process by roughly 30 minutes per cycle, which can save up to $14.87 an hour in slurry costs. Diamond lapping also reduces waste and the costs insured due to increased waste. Cleaning time is reduced because there is simply less clean up to be done, which also reduces the need for cleaning solutions.

Double side fine grinding machines come in a broad range of sizes from table top versions to 72-inch plate configurations. These machines are simple to operate and can be used for items as small as .002? in thickness up to items with 20-inch diameters.

The whole point of the double side fine grinding machines is to create a smooth surface. Surface roughness is defined by the many minute variations in height along the surface. While these variations are so small you generally can?t see them, you can feel them. Some variations are so minute and dispersed that it really doesn’t feel rough unless you are able to compare it to a similar item that has already gone through the lapping process.

Surface flatness is generally measured in Helium Light Bands (HLB). One HLB is equal to 0.000011 inches. These are measurements that are not seen or even felt, but rather measured. Although flatness is usually the intended goal of lapping, the process is sometimes used to create a concave or convex surface.

When working with particularly small items, you can use a lapping jig to hold them in place. All double side fine grinding machines can be equipped with some kind of jig to hold items in place. Working with especially small products is not outside of the normal usage. Regardless of the size of your project, there are lapping machines that can help.