When Was the Last Time That Your Company Rebranded Itself?

The best branded environments have lasting appeal. From the color schemes selected for a company logo to the catchphrase used on all publications, to the powerful graphics that introduce a website, the best branded environments allow companies to connect not only with their current customers, but also potential future customers.

Today’s search engine optimization efforts are comparable to yesterday’s advertising approaches. The fact of the matter is, however, the best branded environments make use of both advertising strategies from the past and digital marketing campaigns of the future.

From churches to school districts to funeral homes to traditional businesses, any company or nonprofit that interacts with the public needs to have a recognizable Internet presents. This recognizable presence starts with a strong relationship with a qualified and experienced marketing team.

Installing Branded Environments Can Help You Company Succeed by Reaching a bigger Audience

Building a brand is an important marketing technique in a world where so many customers and clients spend hours on the Internet. Always looking at screens, and sometimes using voice commands to aid in their searches, today’s consumers are as savvy bunch.

Obviously, the phrase best branded environments echoes back to a time when ranchers needed to find a way to mark their livestock in a recognizable fashion. From a distance and at a glance, these brands were easy to recognize and created a community that understood the importance of recognizing ownership.

Today, obviously, branding your company extends far beyond a recognizable symbol that shows up one time I need to Hannibal. Today’s best friend Firebirds incorporate entrances to buildings, mailing sitter sent to customers, and social media posts. Still easy to recognize at a glance, there are even some brands that are so powerful that a visitor to a new city can easily recognize a favorite pharmacy or a familiar fast food restaurant.

One of the tricks of the trade, of course, is creating a brand that not only mentions your company‘s mission statement, but also predicts future trends in both graphic design and social media savvy. Marketing teams that can create a platform that encourages interaction on a daily basis with customers have the most success.

From large graphic art installations proceeding a much anticipated outdoor event to the smallest details being incorporated on two floor mats has visitors into your business, the best brand environments make use of a wide range of options. Did you know, for instance, that a signature color for your brand boosts brand recognition by 80%? If you doubt this statistic, think back a few months ago to when theWashington Nationals made the end of the season games. More than a few people called the team with the large red W the Walgreens Nationals. Due in large part to the shade of that color of red, this is but one indication of how powerful a signature color can be. Likewise, you have perhaps marveled at the fact that your children at a fairly young age were able to pick out their favorite fast food from blocks away even when they were vacationing in a new city or town.

Brand recognition, however, does not simply happen overnight. In an effort to make sure that your brand reaches its potential as quickly as possible, in fact, your marketing team will likely use a variety of options in introducing the new look. Research indicates that it takes at least five to seven brand impressions before someone remembers a brand, but the real test is can a member of your church, or a one time visitor for that matter, instantly recognize a mailing from the pastor when it shows up in a crowded mailbox full of other pieces of paper?

Given that it takes a mere 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand, it is essential that any branding efforts are carefully thought out. In today’s digital world, consumers have many choices. By creating a branded environment that can play across a number of social media platforms, websites, and more traditional advertising allows you to connect with more customers in a short period of time. Combines with organic content, your company can reach new consumers while maintaining a relationship with previous ones.