When Was the Last Time That You Contracted to Get Your Parking Lot Cleaned?

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This is the weekend of the big craft fair. Vendors from across the nation are coming to this location to offer the latest pieces that they had created and designed. It was the weekend that you and your friends had looked forward to for months. The weekend that you had been saving money for. Finding the best items would be the goal of the evening, and you wanted to make sure that you had plenty of time check out all of the booths.
When you arrived at the craft fair, however, it was difficult to find a place to park. Once you finally found a parking spot, you made your way into the building, but were disappointed in the garbage that you had to walk around. From the parking lot to the hallway where you paid for admission, the place was a mess. And even though you tried to enter with a good attitude, you were so disappointed in how the first few minutes of the crafting adventure began.
In the end, you did not even make any big purchases, just a couple of small items. Some how, the whole craft fair just went down hill after the struggle to find parking and the mess that you had to make your way through the mess.
Does the Parking Lot for Your Business or Event Send a Positive Message?
Parking lot sweeping services help businesses, and even once in a year events, make a great first impression. In a time when it is often easier to simply shop online, it is important to make sure that everything about your business looks great. From the sidewalks to the parking lot, and from the bathroom to the showroom, it is important to make sure that you are making the right first impression when someone does come to your store.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the street sweeper trucks and the and the services that they provide:

  • Both parking lot cleaners and street sweepers are effective for removing both large and microscopic pollutants that collect on city streets and parking lots.
  • Runoff pollution is debris that is associated with rainwater or melting snow that washes off roads, bridges, parking lots, rooftops, and other surfaces that are impermeable.
  • Studies show that parking space in America comes at an annual cost of $6 to $23 million in environmental and health damages to society caused by air pollution alone.
  • Parking lot sweeping services also allow for the collection and removal of paper, leaves, and other visible debris that collect in the curb gutters.
  • Runoff from urbanized areas is the leading source of water quality impairments to surveyed estuaries, according to the most recent National Water Quality Inventory reports.
  • $283 million is the annual amount of money generated by the street sweeping machine manufacturing industry in the U.S.

Finding a way to make sure that your business always looks its best is one of the best ways to make sure that you make a great first impression. Pparking lot sweeping services can help businesses of all sizes make the right impressions for both new and returning customers.