When To Give An Appreciation Plaque To A Loved One

Police prayer plaque

From a police prayer plaque to a retirement award, crystal plaques are a great gift for any number of awards and occasions. They are timeless, look great displayed almost anywhere in the home, and come in a variety of styles to best fit the person or organization as well as the type of award. A crystal plaque is a way to display an achievement with style, without seeming too showy about it.

A police prayer plaque is the perfect gift for a police officer or other law enforcement professional close to you. A police prayer plaque lets them know that you’re thinking of them, and provides a reminder that they are never far from your thoughts. For the over 700,000 police officers working in the United States, a police prayer plaque makes an appropriate gift for a number of occasions, from graduation from police academy to a birthday or even a retirement. It’s a great gift to show police appreciation as well as personal appreciation and love.

A crystal plaque is also a great idea for a graduation gift, especially for degrees that have taken years and years of hard work and diligence with little reward. For example, there are around 40,000 new law school graduates every year, and they deserve to be shown appreciation for their dedication to their education.

On the opposite end, an appreciation plaque is the perfect gift for a retiring nurse who has given years and years of service and patient care. There are 500,000 nurses who are expected to retire in the next few years, and a plaque is a good way for them to display their accomplishment. A plaque for retirement from any career is appropriate however, no matter what the field. As the average age of retirement is right around sixty, we all know people who are ready to begin the next part of their life.

Crystal plaques are great for employee recognition as well. Employee recognition is important, as 86% of companies and businesses that participate in employee recognition programs have noticed a positive impact of it on their employees’ overall satisfaction in their jobs.

No matter what you give out a plaque of appreciation for, be it graduation appreciation gifts or pharmacy school graduation gifts, it is always a good way for the recipient of the gift to display their accomplishment and know that you are thinking about them.