Whats the Difference Between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine? – College Graduation Rates

You are free to decide not to be a part of. In fact, more and more college freshman are putting off declaring their majors for at least two years later. There are plenty of options for careers for those who have passion for medical fields. Each field should be researched thoroughly to make sure you are making the right choice. In order to help you get on the right track, watch this video to understand how fundamentally different things are between the medical fields of family medicine and internal medicine.

The main difference between a family doctor and an internist lies in their patients. Family doctors can care for all ages from infants to seniors. Internal medicine doctors however will only treat adult patients. Both categories are subject to the same education and training However, family doctors have specialized in treating a wide range of sizes and ages of people. Family doctors are a great profession for people with a passion for children or any other size of age group other than adults.