What You Need to Know About the Construction Industry

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The construction industry is dangerous but it does not have to be.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, at the very least, 1000 construction workers are injured daily, that’s one injury every minute and half! Work related injury and death are a plight that is hurting the construction industry and the individuals who are a part of it, but luckily there are solutions to this problem.

There are many ways to prevent such high levels of injury and death. The first way to do so is to ensure that companies are using the proper equipment. First, high quality lifting chains and chain slings along with well made web slings are vitally important. They help keep workers safely on the buildings and insure that the load of materials being brought up to them is transported in a safe way. Secondly, as simple as it may sound, the presence of hard hats and steel toe boots also helps to reduce personal injuries at construction sites. It is well noted in the industry that construction companies that possess high quality equipment almost always have lower injury rates. But being able to handle this equipment in a safe way is also important, which is why heavy equipment training is vital.

Another way that the prevalence of injuries can be reduced is for construction companies to introduce construction safety courses and heavy equipment training courses. These courses allow for a company of men to all act in a safe way. When an accident occurs, it is usually not the fault of solely one person, but due to a collective blunder, usually on the part of several. Further these heavy equipment training courses give workers the skills to notice when either equipment or an activity is unsafe. Being able to spot unsafe equipment is one of the most vital safety skills that a construction worker can posses. Construction accidents most often occur because of the use of faulty equipment; heavy equipment training allows individuals to know when equipment is faulty and is an excellent way to prevent injury.

Despite the use of government inspectors to judge the safety of construction sites, heavy equipment training for the workers is still important. Inspectors have no idea how much knowledge the people on the site know about safety. Heavy equipment training ensures safety in a realm that government inspectors are unable to see into. That is why everyone with a family member in the construction industry should be sure that they, and their coworkers, have heavy equipment training. Research more like this: www.certex.com