What Type of Computer Rack Cabinet Do You Need?

Server room cable tray

When choosing a computer rack cabinet it is important to know what type of server enclosure will work best for your office. Rack enclosures are seen most often in server rooms, but also make an appearance in audio/visual studios as well. You will need to decide on either floor standing or wall, and then there is the option of a rack enclosure or an open frame rack.

Floor Standing
A rack is a standard-sized frame for affixing multiple equipment modules. A rack will be sized as either 19-inch rack rails or a 23-inch rack. This measures the width of the server module to be slotted into place.
Depending on size, a server rack can hold 42 servers or even a few hundred. If your office has plenty of floor space, this is a good option.

Wall Mounted
If floor space is at a premium, go with a wall rack mount. A computer rack cabinet can still as protective and secure as a floor standing model. There is just more initial work to set it up. This is also a good option for spaces that will not need to house more than a few servers.

Enclosure or Open Frame
Now that you have decided on either a wall mounted or free standing server rack, it is time to choose an open frame or an enclosed server rack. Open frame is better for air-flow and easy access to the wiring. An enclosure gives more security because it allows the servers to be locked away, whether you use a floor standing computer cabinet rack or wall mounted.

Still unsure what to choose? Generally, a 19-inch four-post rack enclosure serves most offices’ needs. Find out the specific requirements you office has, and make an informed decision.