What to Look for When Selecting a Digital Marquee

Electronic message signs

A sign is an extremely important part of a school. The right signage will keep everyone informed about what’s going on at your school. Many schools are realizing the advantages of digital signage. There are a few considerations you will want to make before your school’s sign is finished. In this post, you will learn how to get started creating the perfect digital school sign.

Many Schools are Going Digital

School electronic signs provide many advantages. One unique aspect of an electronic sign is that it can be changed easily. Traditional school marquee signs will require the need to have someone climb up to manually change lettering. Research finds that 58% of adults in a recent poll reported learning about an event from reading a billboard.

School LED signs keep members of the community informed throughout the year. Many schools use their electronic signs to remind the public of important dates. A school may want to display enrollment dates early to give parents plenty of time to prepare. Including dates of upcoming breaks throughout the school year is something every parent appreciates. Electronic signs work well to on a weekly basis for displaying times of upcoming local sports events.

Assurance with Local Ordinances is Important

No school wants to deal with not being able to show off a new sign. One study finds that the yearly value of a sign is equal to running 24 full page ads in the newspaper. The good news is that many schools don’t have to worry about zoning restrictions in the same way a business will. However, it’s always a wise idea to ensure your school follows all local rules.

Memorable Matters

Digital signage provides a solution for school to send out messages at any time. However, it’s still important for the non digital part of a sign to stand out. Many schools choose to have the sign feature a school’s colors. Other schools prefer to have their mascot prominently displayed somewhere on their sign. It’s important to have the name of your school in lettering that is easy to read. Many schools choose school marquee lettering that is anywhere between four to eight inches. One poll reports that 26% of respondents obtained a phone number from an outdoor billboard.

Modern Signs Mean Not Worrying About Damage

Modern school signs are designed to last for many years. You can rest assured that your school’s sign will be able to handle regular wear and tear for many seasons. It’s important that you choose a signage company that provides quality products. You will want to find a signage company that regularly works with schools. Choosing a sign business that has worked with schools may provide valuable tips regarding your sign needs.

In closing, there are considerations to make when choosing a school marquee. Many schools won’t face having to deal with restrictive ordinances. However, it never hurts to ensure your school’s sign is compliant with any local laws. One of the most popular innovations in signage is the digital school marquee. A school will benefit from electronic signage for several reasons. Having a digital school marquee allows you to update the community all year long. Many schools are continuing to enjoy their long lasting digital signs.