What Should You Look For When Buying A Label Printer For A Small Business?

Small businesses need to carefully consider the label printer they purchase. Using a basic printer to print a large number of tags would increase the cost per label. On the other hand, if you purchase a premium printer for a small number of tags, the initial cost would be difficult for the business to justify.

Since purchasing a label printer is a significant investment, businesses need to understand the options available and the features that suit their needs.

Print Speed

Even though entry-level printers are generally slow, they can be viable for small businesses. However, if there is a need to print a significant amount of tags in a short time, speed cannot be ignored. Small business owners should evaluate how many labels they need, and if the business is likely to expand soon.

If the print speed is a critical part of the process, consider getting a thermal printer. They can print in milliseconds by using heat to melt the ribbon onto the tag. Their mechanism is simple, which translates to lower maintenance costs for small businesses. They can produce quality photos that are resistant to UV rays, heat, water, and oil damage.

The ROLLO Label printer is one of the most highly rated printers in the market today. It has high printing speeds of 150mm/second. One advantage of this printer is that it does not require you to purchase proprietary labels.

Printing Quality Images

Small businesses will from time to time, require high-quality images for their posters and promotional items. You can use an inkjet label printer to create high gloss inkjet labels. Inkjet models are usually lightweight and portable enough for home or small scale commercial applications.

The high gloss inkjet labels are printed by transferring thousands of ink droplets onto the paper. The result is a high-quality image that is suitable for branding or promotional purposes. You will need to use the right glossy paper, to get the quality output for business applications. However, these printers are built to be multi-purpose devices, which makes them cost-effective.

The Primera LX2000 is one of the top printers you can use to print high gloss inkjet labels. It uses pigment ink that is more resistant to water and UV radiation. It is, therefore, suitable for most outdoor applications.

Dye-based inks produce better color quality than pigment-based inks. The Primera LX910 is the most ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can use pigment-based or dye-based ink to print out high gloss inkjet labels.

Cost per Label

Most small businesses want to keep their cost per label low. The challenge is usually to balance the initial expense of acquiring a printer with that of each tag. You will need to determine the volume you wish to print for a given period and multiply by the estimated cost for each label. Then you can determine if buying a device is worth it for your specific business needs.

If you want to print custom high gloss inkjet labels, you can choose between devices that use individual cartridges or one those that use a tri-colored ones. Label printers that use individual cartridges are more expensive to purchase, but you can expect the cost per label to remain low.

Another factor you ought to consider is whether you will need specialized software. Some devices come with their own applications with a template that allows you to create your own tags. But if you are looking for a custom label, you may want to consider getting specialized software. It may be necessary for certain applications such as bar coding.


There is a wide variety of devices for small businesses looking for label printers. You need to evaluate your business needs so that you can choose the printer that is most suitable for your business. Whether your objective is to print quality gloss images or cut costs, striking a balance is key.