What is Lemon Law? What Happens When You Win? – Community Legal Services


The term “law” describes various laws which provide remedies for consumers who are not able to fix their products even after numerous attempt (see video). Manufacturers must offer a refund or replacement if there is a problem that cannot be repaired.

Lemon laws cover cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles. It is also possible to find specific lemon laws for your state. It’s crucial to be aware that each state is governed by distinct laws and rules. The majority of states look into whether the car had significant repairs within the first year. If the problem is that the vehicle is in need of repairs, it’s best consult with lemon attorneys.

What Happens If You Win?

Let’s assume that a plaintiff wins against an automaker in a lemon law lawsuit. They can either get another vehicle of similar model and brand as well as an entire refund. The refund will include any costs that are incurred due to their vehicle’s defect (repairs and maintenance.). Manufacturers might offer cash in lieu of a replacement car or offer a reimbursement in certain instances. For more details, contact home!