What Is Environmental Consulting?

Surface water quality

Environmental consultants work with organizations on environmental issues. This is to make sure that the organization is working to help protect the environment and make sure it meets environmental standards set by federal or state laws. These consultants work with clients to make sure the environmental regulations in an area are complied with.

Here are 4 areas that environmental consulting can help with.

1. Flood risk

Both public organization and private, commercial businesses can benefit from having an environmental consultant agency help with surveying and collecting information about flood risk. Organizations and companies working in the manufacturing sector really need to consider their effects on the environment and follow protocol. Flooding can be a major issue, and can really affect the environment.

2. Waste management

Companies that are in the manufacturing and production sector also need to consider waste management to make sure waste is properly disposed of and does not affect the environment. There may be an option to recycle materials, which is much more beneficial for the planet, and it’s very important for a company to have an environmental consulting team work to make sure waste is not contaminating neighboring air, land, and water.

3. Renewable energy

Your organization might be able to use more renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. This could include the installation of solar panels or even using water or wind power. Environmental consultants work to help figure out new ways for organizations to make smart choices that are more sustainable and that can help the environment.

3. Water contamination

There is no doubt that an organization can benefit from water quality monitoring. Over two-thirds of U.S. estuaries and bays are contaminated with nitrogen and phosphorous pollution, and about 45 percent of U.S. streams are also polluted. An environmental consulting agency can collect data about the level of pollution in an area, and help to manage legal and legislative issues an organization might have with a project and government environmental regulation. It can also help organizations understand how their project affects pollution with the help of conceptual models. Companies that use pesticides on their products need to be concerned with its contamination risk for neighboring areas. Over 73 different kinds of pesticides have been found in U.S. groundwater, which can end up in the drinking water that the general public relies on, causing serious public health issues.

If the planet’s well-being matters to you and your company, and part of your mission and values for the company is to help take care of the Earth, it would be a wise choice to invest in working environmental consultants.