What can we use all the shipping containers for?

Shipping containers have been used for all kinds of different applications, they are perfect for quick builds, popup shops, and travelling businesses. There is a surplus of these containers just sitting around taking up space and for a small investment, they can be transformed into working shops, offices, and even restaurants.

There are around 17 million shipping containers around the world and only 6 million are being used. With minor shipping container modifications, you can create a tiny piece of the American dream anywhere in the world. Owning your own business has never been easier to achieve with these small spaces and with land requirements being much less you can pop up anywhere without being in the development process for half a year.

Trade shows, events, small office spaces, pop up container bars, and cafes are all looking into the shipping container business model. The frame is already there and when you want to move it is much easier to just pick up and go. Imagine building an entire office building by simply stacking shipping containers on top of eachother and ensuring they are structurally sound of course. The man power and hours of labour saved by using these is crazy and can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for any company.

Shipping container modifications can be the answer to much of our space issues in large cities worldwide. We are running our of places to build homes and it seems to be a nationwide issue with the growth rate in many places. If we begin to grow upwards in smaller spaces like these shipping containers we could have many more apartment buildings built to hold more people. The size of our homes is kind of ridiculous sometimes and the less we have the more we can share with others.

Customized shipping containers can do so many things it is a shame we aren’t taking more notice. Between businesses, events, housing and more, modified shipping containers can help solve problems we are struggling to solve around the world. Shipping container modifications are simple, fun and a great way to invest if you only have a small amount of capital.