What are Burnishing Tools and How are They Used?

What is a Burnishing Tool?

Burnishing tools are used in the finishing process of a part and are able to create very smooth, uniform finishes. They come in varying sizes depending on the parts you are working with and are able to create a microinch finish without scraping off metal or leaving marks on the product. These tools attach to lathes and other machining tools and use cold rollers rather abrasive materials to produce the desired finish.

What Kinds of Burnishing Tools Are There?

There are multiple kinds of burnishing tools that can be used with different machines. They are all effective and versatile in their own ways and can be used with more than one machining tool. The kind you use will often come down to how precise of a finish you want and what materials you are working with.

The multi-roll type is a great burnishing tool for CNC lathes, although they can also be used with manual lathes and a variety of machining tools. They are known for having fast cycle times and are great for productivity.

There are also diamond burnishing tools that are about as versatile as the multi-roll tools. They create a quality finish and can be used for multiple projects. They also do away with the need for secondary grinding processes.

Carbide roll tools are incredibly quick and efficient. They can create a fantastic finish in just one roll, which helps to speed up productivity and save you money in the long run.

How Does the Burnishing Process Work?

Burnishing is a cold working alternative for finishing metal parts. Instead of scraping away the surface of a part, the cold rollers of a burnishing tool displace the peaks and valleys of the material to create a smooth finish. This is great for maintaining part integrity while still achieving a quality finish in a swift amount of time.

The process of roller burnishing is relatively easy and very effective, making it a great option for boosting productivity without sacrificing quality. Whether you need a burnishing tool for CNC lathes or another machining process, there is an option available to complete the project at hand with great results.