Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe

How can a clogged sewer line be fixed at low replacement costs? How can tree roots in sewer line be repaired? Trenchless sewer pipe repair is the answer.
In order to keep sewer line replacement cost down, replacing the sewer lining provides a great alternative option to heavy digging all around a property, which makes it a great solution that nearly 80% of people haven’t heard of, despite trenchless repair options being available for approximately the past 15 years.
Instead of digging up all of the plumbing ona property, trenchless sewer pipe repair uses a new pipe lining to clear obstacles. First, call a plumber for a video camera inspection of the existing pipes, which will help determine whether relining the sewer pipe is the best option.
If the inspection shows trenchless sewer pipe repair to be the best way to fix the problem, the plumber will flush out the pipe to clear loose obstacles. A new lining will then be prepared and injected with a resin that will later be cured to keep obstacles within the pipe at bay and allow water to flow easily again.
In order for trenchless sewer pipe repair to take place, the liner with the resin is placed into the pipe from one access point, eliminating the need to dig extensive trenches. Upon placing the new liner into the pipe, the liner is then inflated and left to cure. Once cured, the new liner will hold its shape inside the existing pipe.
Once the liner has cured, the plumber will conduct another video camera sewer and drain pipe inspection. Once it is all inspected and no faults present, the plumbing is reconnected to restore service, completing the trenchless sewer pipe repair process. The newly replaced lining will provide many more years of service before needing any more attention.