Top Reasons Why You Should Switch to Powder Coating Today

Introduced in North America in the 1960s, powder coating is now an increasingly popular alternative to ordinary paint. It accounts for 15% of industrial finishes and experiences a 3% growth spurt every year. This increasing popularity is, however, no surprise as powder coating packs a long string of perks that you too would want to enjoy. If this is the first time hearing about it, read on to see why to get why get a powder coating.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating refers to an advanced dry finishing process which, as the name suggests, uses powder to create high quality protective and decorative finishes on a surface. The powder usually has similar properties with a thermoset polymer. Also, the enhanced powder coating process is similar to the convention painting process only that the paint, in this case, is dry.

The coating is usually applied through electrostatic spraying so the powder can adhere to the painted surface through an electrostatic charge. However, to obtain the perfect finish, the coated project is then placed in a specialized oven at high temperatures so it can cure and create a high quality, hard finish surface.

Why Get a Powder Coating

Read on to understand why getting a powder coating is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

Impeccable Durability

One of the main reasons why get a powder coating is that other than resulting in a smooth, professional finish, this coating process provides a far more durable finish than other liquid coatings can offer. This is essentially because, during the curing process, the powder melts, forming long chemical chains. Therefore, it becomes more resistant to conditions that might cause chipping, abrasions, corrosion, or fading on the coated surface such as moisture, UV light, and extreme weather conditions, among many others.

Saves You Money

One of the main reasons why get professional powder coating is so popular is that it is incredibly cost-effective in various ways. First, the powder is usually less expensive than conventional paint. Also, the raw materials needed for the coating process can be purchased in exact amounts, which reduces wastage. Additionally, the powder that doesn’t adhere to the coating surface can be collected and reused on another surface. Therefore, nothing goes to waste, and this saves you money.

Environmental Friendly

If you are always looking for ways to cut your carbon footprint, then you should get enhanced powder coating. As mentioned above, there is little to no wastage in the coating process as the powder can be recovered for later projects. But that’s not all. Unlike regular paints, even during the curing process, powder coats do not generate volatile organic compounds. Also, the curing process usually takes place in a sealed environment and as a result, reduces risks of air pollution.

Great Versatility and Color Options

The applications of enhanced powder coating run a pretty wide gamut. For instance, it is widely used in the architecture industry for the coating of aluminum extrusions used on window and door frames. It is also used to coat guardrails, light poles, and signs in most highway building projects.

Other than great versatility, powder coats are available in a diverse array of colors. Hence enabling you to make your project unique.

Little to No Maintenance

While there is no denying wet paint also gives a great finish, it also calls for regular maintenance tasks for the surface to keep on looking new. Some of these tasks, such as waxing and buffing, can be quite a time consuming and also costly.

However, as mentioned, once a powder coat adheres to the surface, it becomes perfectly sealed and immune to damaging conditions. So it gives you the perfect finish all through, and all you need to do to keep the surface looking great is quickly wipe it using soap and water.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Coating

  • The kind of finish consistency and coverage you need
  • The color and texture you desire
  • The film’s finish thickness

Over to You

The incredible benefits of powder coating listed above are the reasons why powder coats are expected to have a global market share worth $12.48 billion by next year. They are also the reasons why get a powder coating for your business needs.