Top Private High Schools – What Is a Private School?

He is the Board Tourist to tell us about the leading private high schools in the United States. The Board Tourist provides exceptional insight into the top private high schools in America, ranging from prestigious school for boarding to small, locally-based institutions. The Board Tourist has invested studying and comparing leading schools and can give your their top recommendations.
What’s the purpose of private school?

It’s crucial to pick the best education for the child you have. Private schools provide a lot of benefits. Private schools usually have classes with smaller sizes as well as greater attention to detail, which could enhance the learning experience for students. Private schools typically provide extracurricular activities, like sports teams and clubs, which is something that many public schools do are not able to offer. Private schools often have rigorous courses and an emphasis on faith-based learning that can be helpful for students to succeed in college.

The Board Tourist’s Top Picks

The Board Tourist recommends three private high schools as best choices: Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH; Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, CA; as well as The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT. Philips Exeter Academy is a classic New England boarding school that has challenging academics and other extracurricular activities. Harvard-Westlake College Preparatory School is the college preparatory institution that is rigorous academically and has a wide student population. It also has the Hotchkiss School, a coeducational school designed for students in boarding schools with excellent academic and athletic performance is also offered.