Tips for Replacing a Direct Contact Water Heater – Teng Home

If you are looking for an alternative to replace a direct-contact water heater, keep looking. Watch the YouTube video “How to Replace Direct Vent Heaters – It’s an Old House”, to see how it is done in a safe manner. And, the reasons you should consider switching to a different kind of heater. We’ll discuss the details!

To begin, switch off the power and gas source to your water heater. It is also necessary to drain water out of the tank therefore, you’ll need to close this main water source. You can usually do this effortlessly by just opening the valve located on top. It is necessary to utilize pumps to get rid of all the water in the heater and this is easy to do by opening the valve for draining. For breaking the vacuum you must open the hot water lines in your home and allow it to circulate.

When you’ve removed all water out of the pipe, then cut it. Be sure you are cutting it from an elevated location. Tube cutters that self-tighten are the best option. The coals need to be cut. Also, cut the coals. In the end, you are able to take off directly contact heater and take it out of the way.

Replacing a direct-contact water heater is easy if you have the right equipment and know-how. To learn more about replacing a water heater, are able to watch the rest of this video.