Three Ways You Can Expect Your Data Center to Change in 2015

Small server cabinet

The industry for data centers — including server rack enclosures, server rack cabinets and myriad other pieces of data center equipment — is constantly and rapidly evolving and shifting.

This will be especially true for 2015, which is quickly approaching. As more countries around the globe take advantage of remote server space, it’s clear that the data center industry will have to change and expand in order to meet this demand. In addition, those companies that take advantage of data centers’ services will seek ways to manage their data and make transactions faster than ever before.

With that in mind, here are the top three predictions we have for the data center rack industry in 2015. Some of them just might amaze you:

More self-sufficiency

Across the board, operators of the largest data centers — web-scale operators — will increasingly invest in their own switching gear in order to expand their networks. Traditionally, web-scale operators relied on commercial data center carriers to expand their networks. And, according to one Cyan study, these networks will make up more than half of all network interconnect capacity by next year.

Increased reliance on data center hosted solutions

In 2015, the focus will shift from data center hardware like server rack enclosures to software-related solutions, development and operations. Network operators will increasingly switch over to these software solutions due to their cost savings, as the price of IPv6 Internet is proving to be too costly for many operators.

Flash embedding will become more commonplace

In 2015, industries like the retail and healthcare sectors — industries that rely on serving customers as quickly and efficiently as possible — will place an increased emphasis on handling their information and data faster. As a result, more data centers will pre-embed flash storage into their servers to provide instant transactions and access.

How do you think the industry for data centers and server rack cabinets will evolve throughout the next 12 months? Share your own predictions with us in the comments below.