Three Ways to Improve Safety on Construction Sites

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Anyone who works in construction knows that there are a number of different hazards involved. There were more fatal injuries in the construction industry than any other industries in 2009, and more than 1,000 construction workers suffer from a work-related injury every year, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. While accidents can happen easily in this line of work, taking steps to avoid dangerous situations can help prevent injuries and fatalities. Some of the ways that construction companies can improve the safety of their workers include:

  1. Proper and Frequent Training – Safety training should occur frequently, and for more dangerous projects, holding daily safety reminders can make a big difference. There are a number of different ways that workers can be injured on a construction site, and ensuring that everyone is well aware of the hazards and how to avoid them is an important step in preventing injuries and fatalities. Construction crews should constantly be reminded of the importance of staying focused and alert while at work.
  2. Improve Visibility – One type of common workplace injury in the construction industry is when workers are hit by large, heavy pieces of equipment. Equipment like this is constantly on the move at construction sites, and a worker operating this machinery could easily hit another person with it if that person can’t be seen. In order to decrease the chances of these types of accidents, all construction workers should always wear highly visible gear while working. Wearing bright and reflective gear improves visibility and decreases the chances of a collision.
  3. Fall Protection – Falls are the number one cause of fatalities in the construction industry. Often times, workers are working at great heights, and they also are often working in a small, unprotected environment. This can be a recipe for disaster if the proper fall protection equipment isn’t being used. Holes should always be covered when working up high, and when workers are at a height greater than six feet, guardrails, safety nets and fall arrest equipment should always be used. Fall protection training is also crucial for construction projects that involve heights to ensure the well being of workers.

Construction work can pose many risks, but taking the proper steps to avoid injuries and fatalities can make for a safer work environment. Proper training, safety gear and equipment can all be the difference between life and death in this line of work.