Three Reasons to Have Stronger Home Security

security systemsBeing the victim of a home invasion is something you never want to have happen. If you don’t have a home security system in place, these statistics may change your mind. In this article, you will be presented with shocking stats about home invasions. These facts are meant to inform you about crime statistics. There are thieves targeting homes all across the country, here are three important benefits of having a security system to stop them.

  1. Criminals Target Homes Without Security Systems – Thieves commonly do a bit of groundwork before invading a home. A thief is going to be more likely to break into a home with no security system in place. In fact, statistics show that homes with no security systems are 300% more likely to suffer from a break in.

  3. Security Systems Don’t Forget – We all have times in our lives where we forget to do something. Criminals count on your forgetfulness when they set up their plan of attack on your home. Almost 30% of all burglaries happen when the homeowner leaves a window or door unlocked. Thieves prey on the one time you forget to lock up every door and window of your home. However, a quality security system will never forget. If there is a situation where you leave something unlocked, a security system will still guard the entire perimeter, ready to notify you of any strange activity.

  5. Most Criminals Target Homes, Not Businesses – It would seem that businesses would be highly valued, over homes. However, statistics show that your home is what criminals are seeking to go after most often. About 66% of all burglaries that occur take place within a home. However, it’s important to protect your business as you can never predict where a criminal will go next.

Security companies know how criminals behave and can protect your home and business from their attacks. Home invaders are far more likely to go after homes without a security system. Criminals are dumb enough to break into homes but they’re smart enough to know which homes are easy targets. Consider investing in a security system so that you don’t become another statistic.

In our chaotic lives, it is easy to forget to lock up a door or window. Sadly, one human error is all it takes to leave your home open to burglars. You will never catch a security system forgetting anything, as it will always notify you of any suspicious activity. Recent reports show that criminals are breaking into more homes than any other type of building. Be prepared with the protection and peace of mind that comes with a home security system.