Three Reasons to Embrace Display Boards for your Business

Even though we live in the age of tech-focused inbound marketing, traditional signage is still a surprisingly effective way to let patrons know about your business. Studies show that one well-placed on-site sign generates as much recognition as 24 full-page newspaper ads. Signage also doesn’t have to include sandwich boards or large banners, either. Having a simple display board that is visible when clients first walk in is a great way to welcome them to your office or storefront. Not convinced? Here are three reasons that a display board may be all you need to make business run more smoothly.

Let Clients and Customers Know about Upcoming Events

Are you planning a regional training? Selling tickets to see a writer give a talk about a new book? Offering classes to the public? Announcing your upcoming events on a display board in your entryway is a simple way to keep your clients, customers, and partners in the loop. If you haven’t already drawn up a sign for your event, why not make a life size poster or a few A-boards with information on the event, the speakers, and how they can reserve a spot?

Let Returning Clients and Customers Know What’s New

Your display board doesn’t have to be for one-time use. Investing in a backlit board or even a professional-looking cork board can allow you to let clients, customers, and partners know about the latest news and updates. E-newsletters aren’t always read, so having a place where in-coming clients and customers can get the highlights can be extremely valuable.

Let Newcomers Get to Know You

Numerous studies show that signage outside and around your business can convey the character of your business. If you’ve been to a coffee shop with clever or interesting outdoor signage, you know that those touches can let new clients and customers get to know you better and make you memorable. Having display boards that welcome people to your storefront or office and direct them to product or where to wait for assistance can make patrons feel cared for.

Ultimately, good signage just draws attention to the products and services that you wish to highlight. Even if your patrons breeze past your signage time after time, seeing the message on multiple occasions will help them remember and, eventually, will drive their behavior as well.