Three Key Characteristics of an Efficient Data Center

Computer rack cabinet

The industry that produces computer servers for data centers is a massive one, generating as much as $14 billion in any given year. So if you’ve decided to invest in a set of servers for a new data center or server room at your enterprise, there’s no doubting that you have a huge variety of choices and flexibility available to you.

And while every data center is unique and will require different setups to reach its top level of performance and productivity, there are a few characteristics of successful data centers that will be true no matter what.

Here’s a list of just three of the most important tenets of organized, efficient data centers to keep in mind as you set up your new data center:

The data center is designed for its environment

Above all else, you should set up your data center so it will accommodate all your servers and computer server racks. There should be ample space for ventilation and airflow, as servers generate a huge amount of heat. You should also consider the cost of power in the location in which your data center will be located, as well as its distance from the power grid.

The data center is flexible

Flexibility and versatility are two characteristics that will foster an environment of efficiency in your data center. That’s because technology is always changing, and it changes at a rapid pace. Without a data center that can adapt to these changes, you’ll soon have a building that’s outdated and obsolete.

The data center is integrated

Computer server experts advise that data centers be designed from the top down for optimal efficiency. By integrating your applications and services with the design of your data center, you’ll have an enterprise where every part works to support the overall goal in the most efficient way possible.

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