Three Important Facts About Food Packaging

Food packaging labels

Food product labels are interesting things; most of the time, consumers don’t pay them any attention. But when packaging labels aren’t there, it’s one of the first things you’ll notice before you even buy a product.

One of the most important functions of food product labels is to provide the customer — you — with a sufficient amount of nutrition information. But perhaps even more important that that, good commercial labels will also protect the food from dirt and bacteria, keeping it clean and fresh for consumption.

Whatever you consider to be the most important part of food packaging labels, one thing is certain: we wouldn’t be able to live healthy lives without them, and the custom label manufacturers who make these products accessible definitely deserve some recognition.

Here are just a few ways that these manufacturing companies contribute to the industry, and some points about how important food product labels really are:

  • There are an estimated 11,400 packaging manufacturers in the U.S. today, and these businesses employ nearly 56,000 people. No matter how weak the economy might become, consumers always want to make sure that their food is safe and healthy; these manufacturers have provided valuable and stable employment for the country for years.

  • Between 2009 and 2014, the U.S. packaging industry grew by about 3.8% each year, likely because more consumers became aware of potential toxins that can affect food if it’s not properly covered.

  • Shrink wrap is one of the most common types of packaging available today. Made out of polymer plastic film, shrink wrap is as affordable and easy to use as it is convenient. It’s durable enough to protect food during shipping, but consumers don’t have to fight to remove it when they bring their items home.