There is Software for That

Project accounting software

Software as a Service, or SaaS, offers a simple and secure way to manage construction and engineering projects. Some of the most convenient features of Saas are data capture, import and integration, and data export. In addition to SaaS, there is engineering project management software out there for almost everything these days including estimation, scheduling, planning, cost control, budget management, allocation of resources, communication, quality management, and administration. Engineering project management software has software systems that consolidate management to help gain control over real time visibility, procurement, project estimation, and changes.

There are several subcategories under the engineering project management software umbrella, such as
construction estimating software, construction project management software and engineering procurement software. Procurement management software is especially interesting as it is a set of tools that deals with pricing, ordering and tracking of product. Additionally, cost estimating software can take information directly from estimate to generate quote details automatically.

Overall, project cost management software and engineering project management software of all kinds, have come a long way and are widely available. Companies can find engineering project management software tailored to fit their needs.