The Top Three Methods for Improving Forklift Battery Lifespan

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Efficiency is a key goal that every warehouse strives to reach on a day-to-day basis. For a successful enterprise, each member of your warehouse’s personnel should be working at their optimal productivity without compromising their own personal safety.

And when your warehouse’s forklift batteries make up as much as 30% of the overall cost of your forklift truck fleet, it’s important to make sure these batteries are productive as they should be. Each forklift battery should have a lifespan of around 6,000 hours — and it’s crucial to preserve this as much as you can.

Want to boost your warehouse efficiency and warehouse organization? Just maintain your forklift batteries better. Take a look at these three things you and your personnel should be doing to improve forklift battery lifespan:

Follow the correct forklift battery rotation protocol

It’s essential for your personnel to follow a routine forklift battery changing schedule to ensure the batteries’ run time and lifespans are preserved. When an estimated 30% of forklift batteries are under-utilized and another 20% are over-utilized, a forklift battery changing schedule can help prevent this from happening.

Properly charge all forklift batteries

Forklift battery charging is a complex process, and can cause your batteries’ lifespans to decrease if done incorrectly. If possible, always avoid putting batteries on a fast charge; doing this too frequently leads to overheating and other problems. Always place batteries on a full eight-hour charge, and always do so before the battery’s charge goes below 20%.

Regularly water forklift batteries

Did you know that water should be poured into your forklift batteries once every five to 10 charges? This water is necessary to help prevent the battery from overheating and encourages the chemical reactions within the battery. Water should be mineral-free, and personnel should never fill past the fill line on the inside of the battery.

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