The Real Reason Persian Rugs Are So Valuable – Shopping Magazine

arpets that have existed since more than 2,500 years. How come Persian rugs so expensive and desirable? This video explains why. Persian Rugs have come to be widely known throughout the world. They’re said to be originating from Iran earlier known as Persia. Persian rugs are valued for their attractiveness and skillful workmanship. Rugs are constructed of silk and wool. They have patterns and designs that can be complicated and complex.

There is a wide selection of Persian Rugs throughout residences and other locations around the world. Each rug can be considered a work of art, reflecting the history and culture of its owner. High-end Persian carpets usually cost many thousands or even million dollars. The most costly rug, but, it was an old Persian rug from 17th century. It cost $33.8 million.

It requires patience and knowledge to master knotting. The average rug has thousands of knots per square foot and can take many years to finish. Making these carpets requires creativity and the weaver is given the freedom to think about and express what is on their minds.