The Purchase and Maintenance of Inductotherm Melting Furnaces for Different Industries

The highest strength and quality heat is needed from an inductotherm induction furnace, especially with the many processes it is needed for. Therefore, the durability and life of the furnace is important, much more so than the cost or amount of power that will be used, so a new melting furnace may be expensive to purchase and maintain, but with the ability to melt any metal it can be expensive to make it last long enough to complete this work regularly. The inductotherm induction furnace must be well-maintained and serviced constantly in order to meet the expectations of the work and lifespan of the metal industry.

The Process of Induction

Metal induction is a very slow process with all of the melting and cooling steps needed to create these parts and machines taking a great deal of time. With all of these steps you can melt any of a number of metals, but sometimes there are specific furnaces that are used for a single metal that create more detailed parts from one type of metal. Induction of steel is often for construction frames, while materials like gold require a much more specified process for decorative or luxurious items like jewelry or home decor. Some of the basic furnaces that complete the induction process include:

  • Steel Melting Furnace
  • Gold Melting Furnace
  • Copper Melting Furnace
  • Steel Melting Induction Furnace
  • Inductotherm Melting Furnace
  • Inductotherm Induction Furnace

While steel is one of the most common, this is often because about 13% of the world’s steel is used for automotive parts creation and repair. Additionally, about 17% of American steel is imported from Canada, so either way, there is much to be considered in the different methods for steel induction, import, and export all together.

Parts and Services Made from Inductotherm Melting Furnaces

Induction furnaces provide a great deal of quality metal in many ways, for use in many different industries, where they are often able to produce different parts and pieces from various metals. Whether they are for construction, automobiles, interior design, or more, several types of metal parts can be made through the process of induction. Some of these include:

  • Automobile spare parts
  • Automobile replacement parts
  • Construction tools and parts
  • Screws, nails, and other parts

Even more than the metal that is purchased to be processed with inductotherm induction, inductotherm melting furnaces provide benefits to many different companies. Even if you have your own precision casting business, a furnace and induction frame can be constructed from the same company where it previously came, with the possibility to make sure that more than one is on hand as needed for times when a furnace undergoes maintenance or service. Additionally, a used furnace helps save money for the initial purchase cost, while it may be helpful if there is no need to melt metal as often as you would for a constant inductotherm process.