The Paper You Need For All Your Creative Endeavors

In the United States, there are many individuals who have been blessed with creative souls. They see materials in this world as gifts to assist them in their creative endeavors; whether it’s for business or DIY crafts. From paper kites for children, hand-sewn journals, paper butterflies for table centerpieces, and paper flower fasteners for envelopes- the list is endless. More importantly, these creative souls make their products and gifts through paper. Paper is actually common for decorating, with people producing 92 million tons of paper in the United States every year. If you’re a creative person, a DIY enthusiast, or a crafty business person, here are some paper products you should use for your next creative idea.

Wholesale Cardstock

First, what is card stock and how does it differ from regular paper? Card stock is known as cover stock or pasteboard. It is thick, smooth paper that is more durable than traditional writing paper and printing paper. It almost combines the texture and uses of paper and cardboard. Although it is typically thick paper, it is also flexible which comes in handy for crafts. Wholesale cardstock paper is used for business cards. If you want to advertise your business and your skills in a distinct way, whole cardstock paper is the paper to use. Some people create their own postcards to send to their family and friends, or to sell to others. Wholesale cardstock is great for postcards because this paper is durable and won’t get damaged in the mail. Playing cards are also best if made with cardstock paper. There are also different types of cardstock paper for specific playing cards. Lastly, paper models, stand-up building projects, and scrapbooking pages can be made with wholesale cardstock paper. Its flexibility and durability ensures that these projects will hold up through any type of movement. Wholesale cardstock comes in many different types and colors. You can purchase classic card stock like classic columns and classic linens. You can purchase green, red, blue, and shimmer cardstock- just to name a few. Lastly, a wholesale paper company makes sure your crafting desires are granted. Wholesale cardstock is available for all your crafting and business needs!

Shimmer Paper

Similar to wholesale cardstock, shimmer paper has many uses. Shimmer paper adds uniqueness and beauty to all of your projects because of its smooth texture and shimmery design. You can use shimmer paper for wedding invitations, wedding programs, flowers, and scrapbooking. If you crave uniqueness and visual beauty, this is the paper you need for your creative projects!

Bulk Envelopes

Purchasing envelopes in bulk is ideal for the creative souls that are making projects that need to be sent to many people. They are also ideal for special wedding invitations. You can purchase blank envelopes, colored envelopes, or envelopes with specific, individual patterns. You’ll need unique bulk envelopes if you’re sending letters to people, sending wedding invitations to your guests, or decorating tablescapes for a dinner party.