The Many Uses of Adhesive Taping

For citizens working for retail companies or packaging companies might be familiar with small colored dot stickers and various other forms of adhesive stickers. Adhesive stickers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and uses. Like the aforementioned small colored dot stickers that provide a suitable method of labeling merchandise. It dries fast, easily removable with its designed removable adhesive, and can be applied to most products. It’s like playing a board game without the fun! Unless you’re the 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women that suffer from colour vision deficiency, alternatively by its acronym CVD.

The use of a strong and easily made adhesive label tape has contributed to massive amounts of goods sold in the United States. The United States alone sold $5.3 trillion of products during the fiscal year of 2016. Customized stickers and labels allow for customers to recognize popular brands. In fact, when color is incorporated into a brand’s design you increase the likelihood a customer sees your brand by 80 percent! Furthermore, color also affects the customers likelihood of buying a specific product, according to 85 percent of shoppers.

Another use for strong adhesive labels is for packaging handled and passed around the world. It also for the consumer’s item to reach its destination without labels falling off. When UPS handles 15.8 million packages on an average day, investing in heavy duty label protectors is just par for the course. Even more so when 65 billion parcels were shipped all around the world in just 2016 alone.

And what about book lovers? Your traditional book is made of paper, mostly paper if it’s hardcover, with an average book reaching 280 to 320 pages. That equals out to about 75,000 to 110,000 words. Which means that over time it might start to show damage, especially on the spine of the book. For paperback, chances are the cover and the pages might actually fall out. While a simple staple might fix the page, the cover is a different story. A good, strong clear tape will fix it easily. But what about hardcover? The pages themselves are sealed together while the hardcover itself is a separate entity. In extreme cases, the hardcover will fall off with the pages still capable of being flipped through. This is because the adhesive inside the spine has, unfortunately, worn off. It’ll take some book binding repair tape to fix.