The Future of Packaging Coming Trends in 2015

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The United States packaging industry employs approximately 55,965 people, and generates an estimated $7 in annual revenue. With constant improvements in packaging technology, custom product labels can be printed on almost any item manufactured. Of course, improvements in technology also mean a constantly-evolving market. Here are some of the upcoming trends in packaging for 2015.

One of the biggest trends we will be seeing in 2015 is a renewed focus on environmentally-friendly packaging. More companies will be putting emphasis on using sustainable materials in their products and in the packaging that holds the products. Commercial labeling will be tasked with educating consumers about where the products and packaging originate, and what the company is doing to minimize environmental impact. Of course, some food product labels are too small to legibly display paragraphs of information, so many companies are placing Quick Response (QR) codes on the labels instead. When consumers scan the QR codes with their phones, they will be taken to the company’s website, where they can find recycling information, sustainability plans, and more.

Another trend that will be on the rise in 2015 is designing more aesthetically-pleasing packaging. With the advent of social media, consumers are showing that they are concerned with appearance now more than ever. They are also more likely to document their snacks and activities, so buying photogenically-packaged items is a must. Companies need to place an emphasis on design when creating commercial labels. Personalization is huge, with companies creating custom product labels with things like names and sports teams with which consumers will identify.

The last trend coming in 2014 is a concentration on convenience. Packaging labels of products marketed toward seniors will have larger print and higher contrast color schemes. Snacks and beverages will be packaged in more portable containers. Making packages spill-proof, easier to grip, and resealable will boost sales. Reusable and easy-open containers attract both parents and children alike.

The year 2015 is shaping up to be big for new innovations in packaging. With manufacturers focusing on sustainability, convenience, and appearance, consumers are sure to respond. What factors do you find most important in packaging? Tell us in the comments! References.