The Best Internet Marketing Strategies For This Day In Age

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Online marketing can be a fickle business. With so much information vying for the user’s attention, it’s vital for companies to use the best internet marketing strategies to suit the habits of the current consumers. Are you wondering where to begin or looking for ways to ramp up your web design to improve your internet marketing? Here are some tips for making sure your marketing strategy caters to the modern internet user.

#1. Take Advantage Of Social Media

People spend an average of 2.7 hours each day socializing on mobile devices. That is 50% more time than the average person spends eating each day. In this culture where everyone likes to stay connected, the best internet marketing designs incorporate social media into their strategies. One of the top social media sites for internet marketing firms to permeate is Facebook. In a recent market research study, 82% of subjects reported that they find Facebook to be a desirable platform for interacting with brands. Marketing via Facebook also has the advantage of potentially accessing new customers who view content through “friends” who are existing customers.

#2. Keep Content Quick And To The Point

One of the most important elements of good web design also stands true for the best internet marketing ventures; get the message out there quickly and clearly. Your audience is likely both multi-tasking and impatient. While it may be tempting to overdo it with aesthetics on websites or use clever marketing, studies show that modern users prefer ease of navigation and simplicity over flashy sites. Users also appreciate websites with a high degree of transparency. That means, they can easily see all the components and functions of a website, usually through a well-planned navigation feature or search bar.

#3. Avoid Strategies That Deter Users

Sometimes, a marketing strategy might seem beneficial to a company, but it actually may be scaring potential customers away. One such practice to avoid is requiring users to register first to use a site. People wanting quick access will likely not have the patience to undergo a registration process and will try somewhere else. Also, modern users are rightfully wary of providing personal contact information to a site they do not yet trust. Keep traffic levels high by allowing new users to view content without bothersome pop-ups.

#4. Use Email Marketing

While email may seem like old technology, it is certainly not obsolete in terms of internet marketing. A recent Forrester report showed email marketing to be a much more reliable strategy for driving sales as compared to social media marketing. For one month in 2012, the research firm generated 30% of the 77,000 documented transactions through clicks within emails. Targeted email marketing continues to be one of the most simple yet cost-effective ways to increase sales.

With technology developing at a rapid rate, the platforms and strategies used for effective marketing continue to change. Marketing teams need to stay up to date with the climate of the times to generate new customers, keep existing customers coming back for more and continue to drive sales. Please contribute any comments or questions about internet marketing strategies.