The Benefits of Using Alcohol Disinfectants

Microbiological control solutions

Did you know that influenza, which is commonly referred to as the flu, is responsible for 75 million work absences in the United States each year? Sickness often spreads like wildfire in close-quarter settings, such as offices, so germs must be eliminated in order to stop the circulation of illness. Alcohol disinfectants are an efficient way to accomplish this, and they are beneficial to use in two important ways.

1. Eliminates germs. One of the main advantages of disinfectant cleaners is that they effectively eliminate germs. In fact, most multi-surface disinfectants are able to remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria from the typical surface. Since the best disinfectants can eliminate germs that cause rhinovirus, influenza, and rotavirus, they are commonly used in settings where individuals are frequently exposed to germs.

2. Use on many surfaces. Alcohol disinfectants can remove germs from a variety of different surfaces. Sinks, refrigerators, vending machines, computer mouses, keyboards, and microwave handles, for example, are all types of surfaces that can be cleaned with disinfectants because they carry large amounts of germs. In fact, a study done by Kimberly-Clark Professional found that nearly half of office microwave handles carry a high concentration of germs and bacteria. Fortunately, most multi-surface disinfectants are effective on these types of surfaces.

There are two important benefits of using alcohol disinfectants. Not only do they successfully eliminate bacteria and germs, but they can also be used on a variety of different surfaces, as well. As a result, disinfectant cleaners are efficient ways to sanitize areas that contain harmful germs.