The 7 Most Important Personal Documents

Document shredding services

One of the most popular ways thieves steal identities is by targeting businesses that don’t have paper shredding services. On site shredding services are key in protecting you and your business, because it is extremely important in keeping personal and business information safe, secure and confidential. The United STates consumers more than 80 million tons of paper each year, and much of this paper consists of important papers that can be destroyed. Unfortunately, many business owners and individuals don’t know what documents can be destroyed, so they don’t destroy anything and end up putting themselves at risk.

Even in today’s modern era with technology taking over almost every aspect of our daily lives, about 95% of business information is stored on paper. Document scanning solutions are a great way to transfer this important information from paper to a hard drive. Anyone who is concerned about increased security risks from storing personal or business information online or on a hard drive shouldn’t worry, because less than one in ten cases of identity theft is traced back to online exchanges. For anyone who is wondering what documents can be destroyed by secure shredding services, keep reading to learn just some of the papers that can be preserved by document scanning solutions to protect an individual’s interests.

    1. Birth certificates
    It’s important to keep extra copies of birth certificates, and having an electronic copy can be especially helpful if a copy gets lost and is needed to confirm someone’s identity.

    2. Health insurance policies
    This is important because you health insurance cards and copies of the policy are needed to see different doctors. You may also need this information to dispute a claim or to request that your insurance cover a medical bill.

    3. School enrollment verification
    Whether it’s you or your child who is enrolled in elementary school, high school or college, it’s a good idea to keep extra copies of all school records. If they get lost, it can take a lot of time to order a replacement.

    4. 401k plan information
    If you have important information about your retirement plan, you should definitely keep a few copies because your 401k plan involves a lot of your personal money. It’s necessary to keep careful track of where your money goes in order to prevent any confusion about what you spent it on.

    5. Social security cards
    Your social security card is very small and it might be easy to misplace it. If you lose this small little card, it can cause problems, especially if you need to prove your identity.

    6. Life insurance policies
    You pay a lot of money for insurance and part of having insurance is keeping track of how much you pay them. You don’t want to accidentally miss a payment or pay too much, because this can disrupt the insurance coverage you get.

    7. Passports
    Making copies of passports can be helpful because if you lose the original, you can quickly provide documentation that you had it and order a new one.

Do you have any thoughts on what documents can be destroyed by paper shredding services? Do you have a paper shredding company that takes care of your documents at work or do you prefer to take the risk of throwing whole, undestroyed documents away? We would love to hear your thoughts, so please share them by leaving a comment below. More information like this.