The 6 Best Reasons to Choose Cardboard for Your Retail Displays

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Over 70% of purchasing decisions happen in-store. When there, consumers make will spend an average of five seconds at the retail shelf before making their choice, according to recent research. This means retailers have to the count of five to influence 70% of consumer’s choices. How are you going to hold sway over which products sell? Through their packaging and display designs.

Retailers have many options when it comes to displaying their products, from steel shelves to glass cases. But only one offers a cost-effective, customized, and easy-to-assemble option that’s inviting to customers and kind to the environment: cardboard displays.

Most recognized for its use in trade shows and packaging, cardboard offers a sturdy yet light-weight option for packaging and displays. There is some distinction to be made between corrugated packaging and cardboard. Both are paper-based products, but they differ in their manufacturing and design.

Over 90% of American products are displayed or delivered in corrugated packaging at some point in their life. It’s been the preferred cost-efficient packaging solution for over 100 years. Corrugated packaging is made from three layers of brown kraft paper. The result is a pleated appearance with an inner liner and fluting. Shipping boxes and retail displays are most often made from corrugated material as it provides the lightweight benefits of cardboard with the added rigidity of extra layers.

Cardboard displays manufacturers, on the other hand, use cardboard which is made from paperboard. This heavy-duty paper stock is still sturdy but not as thick as corrugated material. It also has a smoother finish, making it the popular choice for cereal boxes and other similar consumer goods. Since both offer the same broad benefits, we’ll discuss each below.

  1. Cardboard displays are cost-efficient

    As all cardboard displays manufacturers will tell you, cardboard displays are one of the lowest cost display options available. Both cardboard and corrugated display boxes are not only low-cost, but also sturdy without being hard to move, as the next point will show you.
  2. Cardboard displays are easy to transport and erect

    Corrugated boxes are flexible and light-weight, making them ideal for transportation and a cinch to set up. Over the last decade, liner board light-weighting has made corrugated cardboard even lighter, reducing the weight of displays by 10% to 15%. Did you set up your cardboard display in the Beauty section only to realize later people expect the product to be with Shampoo? No problem. A quick disassembly and you can fold up your display and move it where it’ll have the greatest impact on sales and customers.
  3. Cardboard displays are easy to assemble

    Goes hand-in-hand with ease of transport: cardboard displays are a cinch to set up.
    Cardboard displays manufacturers can customize the design of your display to meet your needs. From varying sizes and shapes to colors and imaging, there is no limit to what custom cardboard displays manufacturers can do. Unlike metal shelving, cardboard displays manufacturers make custom cardboard display to order. Fill your store with custom printed corrugated displays featuring your logo for better brand visibility. Or you could have promotional paraphernalia printed right on the cardboard.
  4. Cardboard displays are more inviting than steel or plastic

    From a customer’s standpoint, cardboard displays look more approachable than a cold steel or hard plastic display case. They’re also less dangerous than a glass display.
  5. Cardboard displays can are recyclable

    No need to have a guilt trip about the state of our landfills: cardboard displays are 100% recyclable. You could save over nine cubic yards of space in our landfills by recycling one ton of cardboard. Corrugated displays manufacturers can even build yours out of recycled material to begin with. With 46% recycled material, recycled corrugated boxes have a far lower impact on greenhouse gases, non-renewable energy, and acidification.
  6. Cardboard displays are durable and sustainable

    Since they can be made from recycled material and recycled after their use, cardboard displays are a sustainable display solution. When they’re on display, however, cardboard and corrugated displays are durable and sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest products. This means you’ll be able to not only use your display for any product you choose, but also re-use it again and again within your store.