Tennis Great Djokovic Looks to Spiritual Life Coaching to Stay Number One

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Spiritual life coaches help people around the world. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), there are about 47,500 life coaches around the planet. The organization says that there are at least 15,800 working in North America. Recently, tennis giant Novak Djokovic has come under some scrutiny for looking to spiritual life coaching to improve his tennis game.

The Daily Mailandnbsp;is reporting that tennis star, Novak Djokovic has turned to help from an expert in spiritual life coaching to hold onto his number one rating. He has been reported to have brought on Pepe Imaz to get his game to a point where he can fend off British player Andy Murray’s efforts to dethrone him.

For his part, Imaz, a spiritual life coach expert is from Spain and known for his teaching of love and peace or Amor Y Paz. Imaz’s techniques focus on an emphasis on meditation and the generous use of hugs. Outsiders say that they can see Djokovic has become closer to his brother, Marko. Marko says that Imaz helped him deal with his problems with depression.

Many tongues were set wagging when Djokovic lost at Wimbledon this year. It has been reported that Imaz frequently leads meditation sessions with Djokovic and has been known to start their sessions with a period of mediation. This is followed by a sermon to cleanse the human soul; Djokovic describes these sessions this way:

“Essentially we are all looking for love, happiness and harmonyandhellip;We need to be able to look inwards and to establish this connection with a divine light. I felt free because in front of me I had a person who looked at me with just love, without judgement.”

In these sessions, Djokovic is often known to give a length speech about his thoughts on the topic and how he views empathy.

Spiritual life coaching is not just for famous tennis players or other athletes. People all over the planet have been helped by wellness coaching techniques. The problem is that most people are just not as happy as they can be. In 2011, only 33% of all Americans said they considered themselves to be happy. This represents a drop pf 3% from 2008.

For his part, Djokovic credits his expert in spiritual life coaching for helping him in very practical ways in his life.

Not much is known about the spiritual life coaching person who has been so relied upon by the tennis star. People who know him describe him as “a really lovely guy, but someone who has what some would consider strange ideas.”

It may be impossible to know how his relationship with his spiritual coach will impact his tennis career or help him keep his number one status but getting guidance from spiritual coaching experts has been helpful for people around the planet. At least 67.6% of people who sought out help from spiritual life coaching experts reported that they had a higher level of self awareness after they completed their sessions. At least 62.4% of people who had worked with a spiritual coach said that they had better skills for goal setting as a result of the work they did with their coach. Even taking small steps that are suggested by most spiritual life coaching experts can help. The simple task of keeping a “gratitude journal” can make a difference. In 2011, Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being published a study that showed keeping this kind of journal can help people who suffer from insomnia. According to the research, if a person spends 15 minutes working on a journal or list of things they are thankful for, they will fall asleep longer and have a better sleep experience overall.

It matters little if you are a world class athlete like Novak Djokovic or you just want to be more productive, there are techniques that are used by spiritual life coaching experts that can help you lead a more productive and happy life.